Laresa's Vision

To become the number one trusted provider of Information and Communication Technology services in the Caribbean

Laresa's Mission

To provide comprehensive, reliable and timely customer service while maintaining environmentally friendly operations and simultaneously contributing to the social development of Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean.

Laresa's Goal

1. To provide excellent, unsurpassed customer service that is in the industry.
2. To provide 24 hours support to our clients who operate outside of regular business hours.
3. To address emergency support cases on an immediately basis and work toward resolution within four (4) hours.
4. To address non urgent customer concerns within twenty four (24) hours.
5. To ensure all staff are comfortable and encouraged to make suggestions and recommendations for improving the company’s operational efficiency.
6. To conduct intensive Research and Development to ensure that the most appropriate, cost effective and eco-friendly technology is utilized both internally and by out clients.
7. To strive for all business operations to be environmentally sustainable.
8. To be a socially responsible organization who understands the human side of operating a business.